Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Bonthapally

Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple, Bonthapally TempleBonthapally is a village in Jinnaram mandal of Medak District in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Bonthapally Temple is regarding 40 kilometer from the town of Hyderabad.

 Bonthapally Temple History:

This village Bonathapally is known for the Bonthapally temple of Sri Bhadrakali Sametha Veerabhadra Swamy. several devotees from Hyderabad and different parts of the Medak district visit this Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple, Bonthapally Temple in large numbers. largely Arya Vysyas visit this Bonthapally Temple. Buses are available from Secunderabad, Patancheru, Balanagar etc. to the current temple.

Many people visit during the month of Sravanam (mostly comes during August) and on Mondays to the current temple. There are temples of Anjaneya Swamy, Ayyappa Swamy, and Shiva Temple during this village. several industries are located during this village like Neuland Laboratories.

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 Many people from Twin Cities and from overseas visit this place and receive the blessings of Lord Veerabhadra. There are facilities available for pilgrims to remain here. APSRTC is running buses to this Bonthapally Temple from Secunderabad jubilee Bus Stand. there’s a committee established to look when the temple management. monks of Jangama and Thambali castes serve the lord here.

 According to the legend, long time ago there was only the small temple of Sri Veerabhadra Swamy in Bonthapally. One night a shepherd was passing through before of that temple. He detected somebody is calling and turned back and saw Lord Veerabhadra Swamy. He was afraid. Lord said to the man that he doesn’t like the place of the temple and he wanted it to be shifted to a different place. thus he asked the shepherd to hold him on his shoulder to another location till he’s tired. Then the shepherd carried the lord on his shoulder and walked to a few kilometre and placed him where this Bonthapally Temple is found. Then the Lord asked the shepherd to travel to his home without turning back and if he turns he can become a sculpture. The shepherd went consequently, however when walking to a long way, due to enthusiasm he turned back and became statue. This statue remains there during this village. Lord then came in dream of a preist and the village heads and same them to build a temple for him at that place. currently a big temple is located at this new place.

How to Reach Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple, Bonthapally

About 40km away from the city of Hyderabad, there’s a village named Bonthapally. This village is placed in Zinnaram Mandal of Medak District in Andhra Pradesh. 

Hyderabad to Bonthapally  = 42 km by Road

Medak to Bonthapally  = 68 km by Road

Buses available all major city’s to this place. 

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Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple Bonthapally