Mahanandi Temple

Mahanandi TempleMahanandi Temple ( Hindu Temple ) is set in eastern aspect of the Nallamala Hills, and is over is concerning 15 kilometer from Nandyal. It is a famous village encircled by thick forests. Among 15 kilometer of Mahanandi temple, there are 9 Nandi shrines referred to as Nava Nandis. Mahanandi temple is one amongst the Nava Nandis. The Mahanandiswara Swamy Temple, a vital shrine lord shiva. Mahanandi temple found here. This ancient Mahanandi temple dates back over 1,500 years. The inscriptions of 10th century peoples speak of the temple being repaired and restored many of the biggest temples in india. Mahanandi temple dedicated lord shiva.

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 Mahanandi Temple History:

According to myths, Rasa Siddha is claimed to own engineered the Vimana and created the staff started sand mounds, that he born-again into wealth by his power. A copper plate by Krishandevaraya states that Mahanandi is one amongst the sacred places wherever the king brother Simha Deva Raya gave valuable gifts.

The Sthalapurana states that Nanda ruled over Navanandis wherever Mahanandi is set. The king once thought to smear the idol and perform Abhishek, a Hindu ritual, with milk. Herds of cows were brought, including a black cow that gave plenty of milk and was allowed graze freely within the forest.

In due course of time, the cow appeared to give less milk, once she came back from the forest. Finally a cow-herd discovered that the cow touched around An hammock and so she stood right over it lease the milk flow over the hammock. From it a young kid emerged WHO was Lord Krishna once that the cow came back. Future day the king followed the cow and, hid in a very bush expecting to catch a glimpse of the Lord shiva.

The cow arrived and circled the anthill; Krishna appeared and accepted the giving. The king in surprise affected forward, scaring the nervous cow, WHO stepped on the anthill in fright. the kid disappeared; the imprint of the hoof remained on the anthill. The king, realizing his mistake, prayed for forgiveness and therefore the Lord ordained the anthill that once it dried, it’d become a Swayambhu Linga at Mahanandi. The 2 signs are still visible on high of the Lingam lord shiva.


Mahanandi Temple Architecture:

The Temple  is at the hill wherever a mineral spring flows into the fields from beneath the Lingam lord shiva into the tank in front of the temple. The Mahanandi temple is encircled by mandapas on all sides. The Vimana over the sanctum is in Nagara vogue design. It’s a Shikara at the highest. The subject area peculiarities show that the temple dates back to history and it absolutely was repaired and restored through the ages by several kings.

This temple is known for its curative powers found within the heat lukewarm drinking water found within the tank before of the Mahanandi temple ( Hindu Temple ). It’s a 60 feet sq. with a mandapa within the centre. The inlets and shops of the tank area therefore organized that the depth of the water remains constant at 5 feet for the devotees to swim in. The supply of this water has ne’er been copied. The water is alleged to return from 5 springs known as Srisailadhara, Narasimhadhara, Daivodhinidhara, Nanditirtha and Kailasatirtha. There are 2 pools of water yet, called Pushkarni or Kalyani in the Mahanandi temple.


The sanctum contains a shiva Lingam and is formed from rough uncut rocks, with 2 sockets. Here the Linga is seen simply higher than the earth`s surface while not the 3 Peethams beneath. An enormous Nandi is at the front of the shrine and therefore it’s known as Mahanandi Tirtha. The tank that lies behind is thought as Gundam and there are 2 additional tanks known as Vishnu Gundam and Brahma Gundam. Near Mahanandi temple the most shrines is another shrine dedicated to the god. The Srichakra, before of the god, is alleged to own been put in by Adisankara himself. The Mukha Mandapa of the god may be a recent construction.

Behind the most shrines, there are 3 little shrines, every consisting of a lord Shiva symbol. It’s declared that if these are loved, they’re going to take a private on the far side the Sthoola, Sookshma and Karana Dehas to the Turiya stage.

Festivals of  Mahanandi Shiva Temple:

The Shivaratri is that the most famous festival of lord shiva. Within the Kartika Masa, pilgrims worship within the shrine of Mallikarjunaswamy lord shiva and so at the shrine of Padma Nandi, that is 2 miles more ahead. They then attend the Naga Nandi that’s a mile to the west, and so proceed to Brahma Nandi, Soma Nandi, and Shiva Nandi, that are all nearby. They progress to Krishna or Vishnu Nandi; 3 miles to the northeast and from there complete the journeying by worshiping Vinayaka Nandi, Maha Nandi, and Surya Nandi. The standard belief is that the worship of those Nava Nandis ought to be finished in a very day before sunset. The other festivals like Dasara, Ugadi etc. also are celebrating in mahanandi.

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Mahanandi Temple Timings:  Morning 5.30 to 8:30 pm

How to reach Mahanandi

Nandyala to Mahanandi = 10km

Kurnool to Mahanandi = 85km

Hyderabd to Mahanandi = 212km

Srisailam to Mahanandi = 160km

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